Zoe Who?

In this Publisher’s Weekly Beyond Her Book blog post, Barbara Vey takes a closer look at Publetariat’s own Zoe Winters‘ new social marketing project.

I really enjoy social marketing and the whole idea of marketing books. Not only have I given workshops on it, I attend every one I can. There’s always something new to learn and lots of great ideas out there. The big thing to me is branding your name.  Once everyone knows who you are, they will be more likely to pick your book over another who’s author is completely unknown to them.

With that in mind,  I love it when people send me funny, interesting things.  This video came through email yesterday from Edie Ramer.

I thought it was clever and well done.  I’m sure it echoes the thoughts of some writers.

In her blog, author Zoe Winters writes:  So I was really vague the other day and gave NO information about what I was doing. Now I can fully unveil it because the first episode is up. These are going to be 2-3 minute short videos (the kind you could watch at work when you’re supposed to be working). Hopefully it’s short enough, and entertaining enough that people will share it with others. I’m looking for hopefully one or more of the videos in this series to go viral.

I’ll be poking fun at the publishing industry, me, romance, etc.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen in the video was the author’s name at the end and her website.  Of course, this way everyone is asking, “Zoe Who?”  But probably not for much longer.

So tell me, do you think this kind of marketing ploy will work?  Does it make you want to know more about Zoe?  Are you looking forward to her upcoming videos?  Do you wish you would have thought of it first?

Bottom Line: I’ve really got to rethink the superhero outfit for when I do my future Drive By Videos.™



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