Copyright 2005, Michael LaRocca

Very is an adverb, yet it cannot modify a verb. Why the hell not? Let’s look at some Chinese, shall we?

Wo ai ni.
I love you.
Wo hen ai ni.
I very love you.

That makes perfect sense to me. I love many things, such as bicycling, nature, literature, humor, food, or good music. But I very love Jan. Some cats run, but Miss Picasso very runs. Sometimes she purrs and sometimes she very purrs.

I greatly love Jan, I deeply love Jan, I sincerely love Jan, I quite love Jan, I passionately love Jan, and I wholeheartedly love Jan. Why can’t I very love Jan if I want to?

This is just one question you’ll face if you teach your language to someone with a different native language. And in this case, I have no good answer. “We just don’t.” How lame.

This is getting very silly. I very should very stop now before you very stop reading.