The Best Way to rob a Bank in the wisdom Age….Get your own Bank

 Much has been said on the issue of wealth creation and paradigm of success. In the wisdom age, one needs not to break down his chromosomes trying to get wealthy. There exist already made wealth templates in the psychic pool of wealth in the cosmic cornucopia. The banks of this world only store money and not wealth in its vaults across the globe. To attempt robbing a bank from the outside is as good as diving straight into the Atlantic Ocean without a slightest knowledge of swimming in the pool. It is far better you opt for the knowledge on how to own a bank than think of robbing one around.

The best way to rob a bank in wisdom age is to own one. To create a pyramid scheme with viable products is the easiest way to own unending cornucopia of wealth. That is a multilevel marketing business that mints you money like crazy automated teller machine, and for life times you will be in money. Your business will grow across the globe and people you will never meet face to face will work for you and work for your children till your last generation on earth. It is explosive way to create your own bank and mint your own money.

The Federal Reserve will not make the poor rich rather make the rich in the land richer and create even more vital opportunities for them. But you have more than the Federal Reserve on the inside of you. Just discover who you are, what you are and where you are in the geometry of time and space of life in this wisdom age. Look up and look hard enough to see your wealth shimmering in the womb of the earth and give vent to it. You do not need a bail out to come out of poverty but a vision loaded enough with clear purpose is the magic wand you need to plot your way to the cosmos cornucopia of wealth.

The best way to lead in the wisdom age is to lead the way to bank robbery and live your golden dream here on earth beyond the imagination of the universe. To lead the robbery on banks you need a wealthy mind, healthy body and sharp focus to cut through the rough edges of doubt and numbness that belittle men in their prime. Then, create your own income grid using the legal instrument of the bank leverages, and float your own bank. This way you rob the most secured bank in the world even without a mask on the face. Get richer, do it legally, do something useful with it once you have got it, put something back and keep some of this stuff under your hat which is your claim to greatness.

Ritchie Felix,

Copyright By Ritchie Felix