Editing, Proofreading, Manuscript Evaluation

Next Day Proofreading by Michael LaRocca

If you live in the Americas, send me your document when you leave the office and you’ll find a clean copy waiting for you the next morning. I live in Thailand, which is 12 hours ahead of EST, and I have over 20 years of proofreading experience. One cent per word.

Fiction and Technical Editing by Michael LaRocca

I’ve edited over 300 published novels and textbooks over the past 20 years. Two cents per word, and that also includes proofreading because I simply can’t stop myself.

Manuscript Evaluation by Michael LaRocca

Maybe you’re not ready for such in-depth work yet or you simply can’t afford it because you’ve written over 100,000 words. My favorite service is my Manuscript Evaluation service, and it also happens to be my cheapest, at only $1 per 250 words. It may also be my most helpful.