Top 10 Audio Transcripts on Writing, Publishing Options, Book Marketing And More

Recently, The Creative Penn podcast hit 50 episodes – that’s over 25 hours of free listening for you on Writing, Publishing Options, and Book Marketing from so many experts in their fields. (You can subscribe here on iTunes or check out the backlist here)

If you are confused about podcasting, they are just audio files you can play on an mp3 player like an iPod or play direct on your computer. So you can download them directly, or subscribe for free.
I love doing the podcast because I learn so much and it also helps so many listeners. Here’s a recent tweet from @IronMan1176
“Every writer needs to be following @thecreativepenn. The most instructional and inpsirational podcasts EVER.”
I also love consuming podcasts because it’s a great way to learn while doing other things (chores, cooking, exercise). But I know some people prefer reading so I have now got selected podcasts transcribed so you can read all about key topics.
Click on the links below to get the audio mp3 or the transcript (or both!). All audios are mp3 so you can listen easily on iPods and the transcripts are all PDF that are on Scribd so you can also share them on Facebook or Twitter. Remember, there are loads more free audios in these categories, so check the backlist for your educational pleasure!
On Writing
On Publishing Options
Book Design with Joel Friedlander, from => Transcript
On Book Promotion and Marketing


This is a reprint from Joanna Penn‘s The Creative Penn.