The Artist's Date: Take Time To Refill The Creative Well

I’ve been pretty hammered over the last few weeks with the day job. It has sapped my creativity and taken my precious time away from my novel writing and this blog.

I sorely needed a day off so I went to the brilliant Eumundi markets and then on to Noosa, SE Queensland for an Artist’s Date. I also listened to business audios on the 4 hour round trip as I feel the need to keep my entrepreneurial side fed.

This idea comes from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” which is a fantastic book. It is basically some time alone absorbing and refilling your creative well. It can be something entirely different, like a pottery class or a show, or could just be a walk or a new gallery exhibition. Anything that gives your brain some new stimulation and takes you away from your work in progress and your ‘normal’ life. It should be alone so you have time to reflect and can be an hour, a day or longer. (I am hankering after a writer’s retreat one of these days!)

I made this short video on the beach (1:24). You can hear some wind noise, but you get the idea! What do you do for your Artist’s Date?


This is a reprint from Joanna Penn‘s The Creative Penn.