Barnes & Noble PubIt™ To Provide Digital Self-Publishing Program

US bookseller Barnes & Noble has announced it is to launch a digital publishing program for independent publishers and self-published authors. PubIt! will allow users to load up completed book files online where they will be converted to the ePub format and made available for sale through Barnes & and the Barnes & Noble eBookstore.

PubIt! will be easy-to-use and provide independent publishers and authors with a digital platform to distribute their ebooks. The service will launch this summer, but no specific details have been made available about royalties, other than the model offered would be a ‘competitive royalty model and compensation process’.
"As a company that has achieved much of its success by building mutually beneficial relationships with publishers and authors. Barnes & Noble’s new PubIt! service represents an exciting evolution and significant opportunity in the digital content arena. Barnes & Noble is uniquely positioned to support writers and publishers and bring their exciting digital works to the broadest audience of readers anywhere."

– Theresa Horner, Director, Digital Products, Barnes & Noble.


This is a cross-posting from Mick Rooney’s POD, Self-Publishing and Independent Publishing.

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