Review of the Public Domain Publishing Bible

Some of you may be aware that I run A couple of years ago I went to a fee-paid format to cut way down on the submissions. The following review, however, was not paid for. I found the book that helpful and wanted to get the word out. Here is my review as posted in both my nonfiction and writers books pages of Heartland Reviews:

Title: The Public Domain Publishing Bible
Author: Andras M. Nagy
Publisher and/or Distributor: Murine Communications
Publisher Website:
Pages: 164
ISBN: 9780982499412
Price: $13.45
Publishing Date: 2010
Reader: Bob Spear
Rating: 5 hearts

This extraordinarily helpful how-to is a must-have for publishers and self-publishers. The author, who has published over 60 books, teaches how to find and use content in the public domain to increase your streams of income and to bring to light timeless information. He provides both instruction and valuable resources and links to enable you to find and publish books no longer protected by copyright.
His chapters include: Public Domain in the USA; How to Select a Genre; The Print on Demand Advantage; How to Construct Your Book; A Guide to Book Scanning; How to Build a CIP Data Block; How to Work with Lightning Source; How to Market Your Business; Search Engine Optimization; How to Work with Amazon; How to Work with; How to Get Publicity; New Technologies; My Ten Commandments; Public Domain Resources; Publishing Resources; Copyright Search Firms; International Copyright Treaties; and a Bibliography.

His information prompted me to download a public domain book about the 1850s we sell steadily in our bookstore from Project Gutenberg, re-typeset it, redesign a cover, put our ISBN on it, and print it for sale in our store. All except for the printing of course and the ISBN was absolutely free. I now plan to publish a series of books from the 1800s frontier days to create a special section in our store, as well as wholesaling them to local museums and such. This book made all that possible. We rated it our max five hearts.

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