How Google Editions And New Google Search Affects Authors And Their Books

Here are two massive developments from Google this week that you need to know about. From looking at these together, it seems clear that Google search will bias books on the Google publishing platform.

Google Launches Editions Digital Publishing
Google Editions ebook store now has a start date of June/July this year. This article from the Wall Street Journal suggests that they will allow any retailers to add books to the store and they will be highlighted on their specific Books search page. Any device will be able to read them as long as the manufacturer allows it. So people can search with Google, find books and immediately buy them.
Google Search has split books out separately
This week, Google changed their search to split out different categories and Books is now a separate way to search. Clearly, Google controls search and once they have a bookselling business they will show books that are in their program, not others.
The first image to the left is a search for my name on which returns my blog, twitter etc. But there is now a split on the left hand side bar which means separate sub-searches can be done.
Click Books and only one of my books is displayed, “How to Enjoy Your Job”. I only have this one book on Google Books so far. The others are on, my website and other places but not Google Books, and as you can see, they are not displayed at all against my name. Interesting!
Actions for you in order to take advantage of this
  • Set your self-published or backlist books up on Google Books if you haven’t already. Here is a page of information on it. They show up in Google Book search with links to buy at other places but presumably will be sold direct from Google once Editions is available. If you have a publisher, check with them how your book will be integrated with Google Editions.
Consider the very near future. The biggest search engine in the world returns your book based on keyword search terms and people can buy within that page immediately, on any device. Brilliant!  This is yet another way for you to reach an audience with your work, and make it pay. Exciting times indeed!


This is a reprint from Joanna Penn‘s The Creative Penn.