The sharpest writing is world-wide sourced


Photo credit: paladinsf

The sharpest writing is world-wide sourced
for the next Big Picture, and Rabbi Jamaica’s
dealing with it, as the poster-boy he actually is

And the winds bring choices, and the words
of our mouths are the deaths of generations.
Scholars are dropping in a bass continuo.

But they lack the awareness, yo fun-boys!
So what the chances are now, stepping
an interlude, to split out in toys?

A consensus unmoors as flooded lines,
castaways children are watching the smoke;
physician are sitting delighted,

fulfilled in their upper vocations.
Just the two of us, we are the strangers,
we are about to walk by. We cast a light.

So let us ’scape immediately, now stray my fair!
Don’t let them stare at ya, don’t goodbye,
our geese are hissing; our task is found.

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