Publetariat Anniversary Contest Results

The pageviews have been counted, the finalists’ blogs and sites have been given the once-over by Publetariat founder and Editor in Chief April L. Hamilton, and the results are in.

All seven finalists’ entries generated a lot of interest on the site. All received over 140 unique pageviews during their first seven days posted on Publetariat, and all of them were linked and tweeted repeatedly on the web. In short, every one made a fine showing. 

And after seeing this, along with the quality work being done on all of the finalists’ blogs and sites, Editor in Chief April L. Hamilton has decided to invite every one of the finalists to become a regular Publetariat Contributor. (Finalists, she’ll be emailing you details in the coming week.) So congratulations to all the finalists, and here’s hoping you’ll be seeing more of their fine work here on Publetariat soon.

Here are the finalists, in ascending order of unique pageviews each article received in its first seven days posted to Publetariat:

Shaun KilgoreWhy I Started A Publishing Company – 144 unique pageviews

Virginia RippleSuccess Feels Like Failure – 145 unique pageviews

Fay RisnerPreparing For A Book Sale – 165 unique pageviews

J.D. SawyerIf You Build It, Will They Come? – 186 unique pageviews

Edward G. TalbotPublishing In the 21st Century: Are The Best Things In Life Really Free? – 251 unique pageviews

PJ KaiserSurprise Endings: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – 259 unique pageviews

M. Louisa LockeHow To Be Your Own Best Editor, Pt. 1 – 279 unique pageviews

The three top finalists are Edward G. Talbot, PJ Kaiser and M. Louisa Locke. All three of them will receive one year of VIP registration in both curricula at Publetariat’s sister site, Vault University, beginning next month. 

The winner is M. Louisa Locke, who will also receive a signed copy of April L. Hamilton’s upcoming book from Writer’s Digest, "The Indie Author Guide: Self-Publishing Strategies Anyone Can Use", when it’s released in November of this year. 

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to everyone who voted with their pageviews.

[Note: pageviews were originally transposed between entries from Edward G. Talbot and J.D. Sawyer, indicating J.D. Sawyer received the third-highest pageview count. This error has been corrected, and as compensation for the error, J.D. Sawyer will also receive a year’s VIP registration in both curricula at Vault University]

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