Excerpt from "Specious Nephew" book 2 of Risner's Mystery Series

Excerpt from "Specious Nephew" as promised in last week’s blog. ISBN 1438248202

Sold on this site Book two of the Amazing Gracie Mystery Series

I promise you if you read "Neighbor Watchers" book one of the series, you’ll want to read all five books.

"Ladies, please excuse me. I want to go to the water

closet before we leave," Jeffrey said, standing up.

"We all should think about that, shouldn’t we, Gracie?"

asked Melinda.

Gracie didn’t hear her. Jeffrey turned the wrong way

down the hall toward the outside door. Perhaps he didn’t know

his way about, but if he didn’t know the way to the water

closet, why hadn’t he asked? Jeffery Armstrong didn’t appear

to be the bashful type to her. She stared at the doorway, waiting

for him to realize his mistake and come back by.

"Gracie, don’t you think we should think about leaving

soon? Gracie, are you listening to me?" persisted Melinda.

"What?" Gracie asked absently, not taking her eyes

from the door. It had been too long now. Jeffrey had to realize

his mistake. "Oh, I’m ready whenever the rest of you are." She

rubbed her arms. "I feel a bit chilly. I think I left my shawl out

on the hall table. I’ll go get it."

"All right, dear," said Melinda. "Miss Moxie and I’ll

wait here for you and Jeffrey."

Jeffrey wasn’t in the hall. Perhaps he decided to leave

without saying anything. That would disappoint poor Melinda

if he decided to change his mind about taking them to the barn

dance. Gracie picked up her shawl. She draped it around her

shoulders and started back past the library. Puzzled that the

door was shut, she stopped. No one ever shut that door. She

placed her hand on the knob, giving it a gentle twist. She

pushed the door open a crack and peeked in.

Standing on a chair in front of the book shelves, Jeffrey

pulled a book out of the top shelf. He opened it and flipped

through a few pages. Closing it, he slipped the book inside his

suit jacket and stepped down from the chair. Gracie eased the

door shut as fast as she could and hurried to take her seat in the

parlor. What on earth was that man doing? If he wanted to read

a book why didn’t he just say so? He lied about where he was

going. He shut the library door so no one would see what he

did. He stole one of Miss Molly’s books, but he didn’t know

much about priceless books. That brown covered book wasn’t

one of the first additions so why would he want it?

Deep in thought, Gracie flinched at the sound of

Jeffrey’s voice when he burst back into the parlor, announcing

he was ready to leave.

"Are you still cold now since you got your shawl from

the hall table, Gracie? If so you best bundle up good for the

ride out to Mr. Orie’s farm. We need to get our coats. It’ll be

cold tonight when we start home," instructed Melinda.

Gracie glanced at Jeffrey. He stared at her with a

smoldering expression on his face and one eyebrow raised.

"Maybe Miss Gracie hasn’t had time to warm up, Aunt

Melinda. When did she get her shawl?" He asked, not taking

his eyes off Gracie.

"Just a few minutes ago," cheeped the little lady.

"Is that right? I do hope youve’ warmed up by now,"

Jeffrey said. His voice was icy sounding through tightened lips.

"I’m fine," returned Gracie calmly, thinking some

things never change. Melinda always talked when she should

keep her mouth shut.

Jeffrey seemed to relax again. Maybe he decided she

hadn’t seen anything with the door shut. She hoped that was the