Press Release: New Publishing Strategy


Startup Publisher Offers Ebook First
Major publishers hesitate to give customers what they want

North Andover Massachusetts, January 11, 2010—New children’s book publisher, Stick Raven Press, is bucking convention by publishing its first title, NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST ANYMORE, as an ebook two months before the print release.

Announcing this new strategy, publisher Pär South said, "Unprecedented amounts of ebooks are being sold, along with ereaders. Clearly customers are showing us what they want. " Yet major publishers continue to ‘window’, or delay ebook editions or avoid producing them altogether.

To further support this trend, Stick Raven is offering its initial release for an introductory rate of $1.99—70% off the print list price.  Says the founder, "Ebooks are the new dimestore novel: affordable for everyone."

NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST ANYMORE, by PV Lundqvist, is about a twelve-year-old boy who receives a pig as a surprise pet. This causes problems with the town and in his life, but offers an opportunity for him to learn to stand on his own.

CONTACT: Pär South
Publisher/Stick Raven Press   



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