Hunting For Search Words

I’ve written a book titled Christmas Traditions – An Amish Love Story ISBN 0982459513

The story is set around Christmas, but that shouldn’t stop readers from buying the book any time of year. Having said that I can tell you this book will make an excellent Christmas gift and if purchased from me, I’ll sign the book.

The book is about an Amish man and a once Amish woman. When forced to spend time together at Christmas, the couple make each other miserable while they try to carry out Amish and English traditions for a little boy they both love.

Here is a list of sites to check out my book or to buy it. Looks like Christmas Traditions isn’t that hard to find if you know where to look. If anyone is interested in purchasing Christmas Traditions from the author so the book is signed you may go to my bookstore

Ebay – the synopsis and physical description for the book is on my seller’s site and reviews from buyers

Free classified ads websites


Amazon sells my books so look up search words – amish fiction – an amish love story or put my name in the advanced search Fay Risner – Christmas Traditions – isbn 0982459513

Curious about what search words bring up my book for internet searchers to find, I typed in a few to see what I’d get and was surprised at what I found, including my books advertised in other countries.

Search – Iowa authors

That search didn’t bring up any authors. Another self published Iowa author mentioned to me recently that Iowa should find a way to promote Iowa authors. That would especially be a help to self published authors. I’ve had buyers purchase my books because I am from this state and because some of my stories are set in Iowa. If there is a website or organization that does promote Iowa authors (without fees attached) as part of our state’s creative resources, I’d like to know about it.

Google searches

Amish fiction didn’t work. I don’t understand that since Christmas Traditions is Amish fiction.

Search – Amish christmas love book

For this book amish christmas romance book didn’t work. I think the reason is I used love story as the subtitle.

Page 1 Traditions traditionsanamishlovestory-41502734

Search – Amish christmas love story

Page 2 Traditions

Page 4

Search – Fay Risner

Page 1…fayrisner

Page 2

Page 3…an…fayrisner

Page 7

Page 8…./

Page9 1858361.htm

Page 10

Page 12…/pro970982459515.html

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

Search – Booksbyfay (this is my login name)

Page 7

Yahoo search engine

Search – Amish christmas love story

Page 1

Page 3

Page 11

Page 13

Search – Fay Risner

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 6’christmas-traditions (India)

Page 7

Page 9


Page 7….&container_type=booksread

Happy Hunting!