A New Member In Our Family

Just to prove I don’t think about writing books or selling them all the time, I’m going to tell you about a wedding I attended last weekend.

Remember my blog about going to a bridal shower in October for my husband’s niece. Last Saturday afternoon, the 14th, was the wedding. This was at St. Paul Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A beautiful, old church in the round with a cornerstone dated 1913.

However, the understated, lovely wedding ceremony took place in the chapel. It was a ceremony that reminded me of yesteryears with simple, not too expensive planning. No attendants and only family from both sides to witness the event. The bride was absolutely gorgeous in her bridal gown, holding a bouquet of red roses and the groom very handsome in his tuxedo. Though the bride planned 99% of the wedding and reception, by the groom’s own admission, these two are well grounded young people who wanted to keep the ceremony simple.

The reception was for friends as well as family and a tribute to how popular the newlyweds are by how crowded the room was. The food was delicious. The four flavored multa tiered square cake was decorative as well as flavors for everyone. I hear there was one tier of lemon. By the time I got to the cake table the lemon cake was gone.

The reception was held on Mt. Vernon Road in a rustic area. A man went out in the parking lot for a breath of fresh air and swears he saw a five point buck meandering between the cars. Deer are thick everywhere in the area, but he was the only eye witness to a hunter’s dream of a five point buck.

Our celebration with the newlyweds didn’t stop with the reception. Since we were going to be in Cedar Rapids for a book signing the next day at Lemstone Christian Bookstore, we were invited to the couple’s for a soup supper and the wedding gift opening.

It’s nice to see the groom feels right at home as a member of this family, but then he has had five years to let us get use to him. He likes to tease, and I hear he can be a joker. I too like to tease so we should get along fine.

As we were putting on our coats to leave Sunday evening, I said I had gotten used to having two free suppers in a row on the newlyweds. What time was supper on Monday? The groom said he would set a bucket on the outside by the door. I would be expected to make a donation before I entered. I told him I knew meals on him was a good thing that was too good to last.

We look forward to seeing this busy couple on holidays and any time in between they want to visit.