Brain Overload Warning!

I have to apologize to Publetarians out there who follow my blather — I’m suffering from acute brain overload this week, and will have to postpone my weekly article until next Saturday. 

One really bright happening this week was the considerate reader who suggested I try OpenOffice’s word processor and office software.  It is open source code software, produced by Sun Microsystems, and is seamlessly compatible with Microsoft’s products, but it is nicely devoid of the cute graphics, odd heirarchy and dumbed-down menu layouts that Word is plagued by.  By the way, it is free for download.  I’ve used it a bit now, and would have happily paid for it.  It works.  That says a lot, at least to a crusty writer like me.

Thanks to all of you who have left your comments — I appreciate hearing from you and will fashion future articles, in a curmedgeonly fashion, of course, partly on what comes to me through comments.  Now, back to the keyboard…                                                                                                   [end of article – no need to click through]