Twitter Tips From My Tweeps

This post, from Alice Pope, originally appeared on her Alice’s CWIM Blog on 10/19/09.

Last week I was working on an article on Twitter for the SCBWI Bulletin and asked my Twitter followers to answer this question:

@alicepope: I’m writing an article on Twitter (aimed at writers and illustrators). What’s your best Twitter tip (in 140 characters or less, of course)?

In a matter of minutes my question had been retweeted several times and I’d gotten more than a dozen tips (from writers, editors, and other publishing professionals) which you’ll find below. This served as a great demonstration of how one’s Twitter community can be useful. I suggest you follow each of the wise tweeps who replied to me—and follow their advice as well.

  • @HeatherMcCorkle: Twitter tip: Never write anything you don’t want to read on the front page of the newspaper. Could hurt your career later!
  • @aliciapadron: tweet how you like to be tweeted
  • @GirlsSentAway: Follow 80/20 rule: 80% professional tweets, 20% to show your personality. Interact.
  • @EyeOnFlux: Avoid TMI (overly personal information). This begs the question: what DO most people use their Twitter accounts for? Professional? Personal? Should the two mix?
  • @glecharles: Be relevant, always add value and remember, it’s SOCIAL media, not just an alternative RSS feed.
  • @loniedwards: Tip: Download an add-on like tweetdeck to help sort. Especially during kidlit chats!
  • @KateMessner: Just aim to be a friendly, helpful human being online. It’s much better self-promotion than shouting about your book.
  • @Lynne_Griffin: I found this helpful “RT @EliseBlackwell @thefictiondesk “Be yourself, not your book.”
  • @RuthSpiro: My tip: Connect w/folks OUTSIDE the writing/publishing world; they don’t encounter authors daily, and think you’re really cool!
  • @wendy_mc: If you want your funny stuff to be retweeted, shorter tweets are better (leave room for your name)
  • @BrianKlems: Be honest in what you post, be it personal or promotional. If you wouldn’t read it, don’t post it.

Read the rest of the post, which features many more Twitter tips, on Alice’s CWIM Blog.