Time Stands Still….

We’ve been on the road, traveling I-40 West bound to our New Mexico Hacienda.  Since our primary care physician didn’t get any seasonal flu shots before we left, he suggested we get them in NM. Not a bad idea, but the whole trip, especially through Tennessee during a Nationally-televised Swine Flue Outbreak, we were sanitizing our hands every fiftenn minutes and driving with the air conditioneer cabin air filter "ON".  Pretty cowardly. 

Once we got in and settled, I checked out my book’s Amazon page to find I’d managed to garner a 5-star, Highly Recommend from Midwest Book Revue!  Hooray! Hooray!  It turned out the excitement faded quickly, though…. No more flu shots in NM!  Ok, I’ll deal with that. I had work to do.

I wanted to upload my book to Smashwords for conversion to their electronic format. I had heard that Smashwords was going to partner with Sony and another BIG HITTER, so I figured this would be a slam-dunk selling venue.

Herein lies the tale of woe….file format conversions are not for sissies.  Right now, my writer’s forward progress has been slowed to a stand still.  A little back-sliding can be entertaining, though.

I’ll give you the whole, sad tale on this Saturday’s installment of the Indie Curmudgeon.