Imagine G.W. Bush, broke and on the road, looking for work in his America

 When Eddie loses the family fortune and needs to find a job, all he’s got are his attitude, a high falutin’ chili, and a junkyard Cadillac Eldorado. He hits the road in search of work, living out of his car.

As a bonafide member of the ruling class, he thinks he’s got a plan. He’ll find work in the service economy he had a hand in creating. He’ll cook his chili in road houses, make himself a reputation, open up his own place, and take the company public. But, averse to hard work for the minimum wage, he finds it’s not so easy.

Using his CB radio, he spins the legend of a wandering chef whose recipe for pot roast chili is a surefire aphrodisiac. His tales of chili and sexual conquest don’t deceive the truckers, so he ups and lays the gauntlet down to the national chili champion. 

When Eddie’s promotional strategy upsets the wrong people at the height of a general election campaign, the outcome of his chili contest determines the fate of the nation.    Hard Copy $14.99     Kindle $9.99   E book $4.99