What lies beneathThe Red Gate?

The Red Gate

On a rain-soaked morning, in rugged County Mayo, a reclusive shepherd with little formal education learns a secret that has tied his family to the same small plot of land for millennia.  An unexplained drowning, and a single misstep: are they connected? The answer may cost him everything. Can he prevent the world from learning what has been kept hidden for so long? Will he still have time to tend his sheep?

The Red Gate, will transport the reader back almost 100 years, to the wild coast of Ireland, into the painful struggle a small, traditional family undergoes as it tries to protect its legacy from the outside world.  Follow the O’Deirgs as they learn the real reason their flocks graze the grassy slopes.

an outstanding debut novel for Richard Sutton

ISBN 1441472258

Historic Fiction/Fantasy

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