Redhammer’s Peter Cox Partners With Publetariat Vault

The Publetariat Vault , the groundbreaking new service that connects successful self-published books with publishers and content producers, announced today it will be partnering with Redhammer Management, a literary agency headed by Peter Cox.  

Publetariat Vault founder April Hamilton says, "The Vault provides a listing service only. Authors who list their books don’t enter into an agency relationship with the Vault, and the Vault has no involvement or stake in contract negotiations arising from Vault listings. Still, authors in that situation definitely need a qualified representative at their side to protect their interests, and that’s where Redhammer comes in. Upon the author’s request, Peter Cox has agreed to represent Vault authors in contract negotiations on a one-off basis. Peter’s agency is well-established, international, and represents some top, bestselling authors, including Michelle Paver, author of the hugely successful Chronicles of Ancient Darkness young adult series."
"Peter also founded the Litopia  online writers’ community, and he is well-known for all the guidance and feedback he and his clients offer aspiring authors on the Litopia site; he’s truly a friend to authors, and that was important to me."
For his part, Peter says, “The Publetariat Vault is an inspired and much-needed idea. Until now, there was no easy way – in fact, no way at all – for the publishing business to discover tomorrow’s rising stars in the burgeoning self-publishing sector. But now there is – The Publetariat Vault makes it easy for publishers to spot the hottest manuscripts that have real traction in the market. It’s brilliant!” 
The Vault is currently open for self-published authors to create listings, and expects to open for publisher and producer searches in late August.

[Publetariat Editor’s Note: the Vault is running a promotion for its grand opening, in which the first 300 published book listings will be free of charge for 90 days from the date the Vault opens for searches.  It’s a no-cost, no-risk opportunity for self-published authors to try the service. If you’re seeking mainstream publisher/producer attention for your self-published book, sign up for your free Vault account and get those listings in!]