CJ Allan and Matt the Cat, new members

Hello Fellow Writers, 

I’m CJ Allan.  I just joined you over the weekend, having been invited by April to come take a look. 

I was introduced to April by Ed Patterson’s book, “Are You Still Submitting Your Work To A Traditional Publisher?”. 

(I wrote an Amazon review of Ed’s book, with the header:”Should be required reading for any who want to self-publish at Amazon”.) 

I’m from Dallas, Texas, and am currently traveling around Texas and Oklahoma. 

As I told April, I’ve always made my living as a writer… of articles, user manuals, and business publications, but do not yet call myself an “author”. 

I came close a few times in the past, but each time I sat down to discuss a contract with a conventional publisher (“you don’t need a lawyer, you can use ours”… did anyone else ever hear that?)… I would, on reading the fine print, back out. 

“I’d be making minimum wage”, I’d say.

 “But I’m the one taking the risk”, they’d say.


 Do you suppose they wonder why Indie Publishing has taken off the way it has?

Since retiring from the business world, I’ve been traveling in my motorhome, writing travel-related articles.

My signature line carries the likeness of Matt the Cat, who rides shotgun with me.  He will be the spokesman in some photo-articles I am planning for the Kindle.

 Looking forward to learning from you all,