Publetariat Vault Update: Nearly There!

Development work is complete on the Publetariat Vault, the FAQ and Terms of Use are up, and we’re now in the testing phase and on track for launch at the end of June. Whether you’re an indie author seeking mainstream attention or a publishing pro or producer seeking proven literary material for low-risk acquisitions, you’ll want to check out the Vault.

From the Vault’s welcome page:

Publishers and Producers:
The Publetariat Vault is a searchable database of independent literary works for which the authors own all rights free and clear and are interested in selling those rights, with accompanying sales data and reader reviews to take the guesswork out of determining commercial potential in the mass market—and it’s FREE for you to use.

 Find independent literary material that is already proven in the marketplace
See actual sales data, and know if the work already has traction
See reader reviews from bookseller sites, reader communities like Goodreads, blogs and elsewhere 
 Search by genre, topic, keyword, recommended reading level and more to find the kind of content you want to acquire
 See author platform pieces, buzz, publicity and more, and know if the author will be an active partner in promotion

Indie (Self-Published) Authors:
The Publetariat Vault also provides a groundbreaking service to you: the opportunity to get your indie book in front of the publishers and producers who are seeking proven books for low-risk acquisitions. If you’ve ever thought that if publishers or producers only knew how well your book is selling, how great its reviews are, and what a great job you’re doing to promote both it and yourself, they’d snap up the rights in an instant, then the Vault was made for you. 


 – The Vault will initially open only to authors who wish to create listings


– The Vault won’t open for pro searches until the 300th listing has been published – ensuring lots of listings for pros to search      
The first 300 listings to be published will be listed for free for 90 days, beginning on the day the Vault opens for pro searches 

The Publetariat Vault is currently under construction, with a planned launch at the end of June, 2009. Note that member registrations for the Vault will not be processed until the site go-live date, which will be announced on Publetariat, on this site and elsewhere.

See this Publetariat article for more information, or click the links above to check out our FAQ and Terms of Use. Click here to view a blank listing form, here to view a sample published listing, and here to view the search form publishing pros and content producers will use.