Here's a Milestone

Indie authors have many different milestones — the first book published, the first sale, a new review, a great response to a guest blog, an interview . . . but yesterday I sold my 1,000th book over all titles and it only took , , , 18 months. Still, despite the fact that Dan Brown does that in a day or many other Indie authors on this site have done that thrice over, it is a rather nice feeling to touch a thousand souls and still manage good reviews and accelerated sales. I even took the first day off in 18 months from writing yesterday. Had steak and onion soup with the remnants of my family. Anyhow, the sun came up on another era for this author. I shall sail the waters of my ten current projects and perhaps another thousnd sales will be out there. However, I do not think the second will be as satisfying as the first.

Edward C. Patterson
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