New Around Here?

Publetariat has plenty of great information and articles for indie authors and small imprints who are already actively publishing, but there’s not a whole lot here for would-be indies, or authors who are just getting started down this road. Fortunately, one of Publetariat’s site contributors has built a fantastic site just for you.

Zoe Winters is an author of paranormal romance, an indie author who speaks from a position of experience and passion, and she can relate to the challenges indies face. 

One of those challenges is figuring out how to handle all the things a publisher would ordinarily arrange for an author: editing, layout and design, cover design, soliciting for cover blurbs, and creating a customized promotion plan for the finished book.

If you’re the type who feels very comfortable hunting down these services for yourself, or even doing all of them yourself, Zoe’s articles will give you most of the guidance you need to get started. You can get more help from the free IndieAuthor Guides offered by Publetariat site founder April L. Hamilton on her site, or from her book of the same name

Others would prefer to maintain a more hands-off approach to these ‘production’ matters.  For you, Zoe also offers book coordination and consulting services at reasonable prices. Since Zoe was formerly a wedding coordinator, she has a great deal of experience in tracking down paid professional services and negotiating for the best possible prices for her clients, as well as in packaging numerous services together to maximize efficiencies and minimize cost. You can contact her here.