Write Resources List – where to get help with craft

Inkalicious Writer’s Cheat Sheets – from plotting to writing sex scenes, from editing to pitching, it’s all here

Lightning Bug – helping you write a story from beginning to THE END

Caro Clarke’s Writing Advice articles – character, dialog, pacing and more

Juiced On Writing – the writing process: tips, techniques & how-tos

Archetype Writing – writing essentials

Grammar Girl – for those times when you’re not sure whether to use "then" or "than", "who" versus "whom" and the like

Rick Walton – children’s writers’ brainstorming lists

Using English – dictionary of English idioms

Daily Writing Tips – list of frequently misused words

Writer’s Fun Zone – Reach for the stars.  Play like a child.  Write like a fiend.

The Writer’s Site – How to write/writing tips

Biographical Dictionary – this wiki offers thousands of free bios

Cliche Site – use them purposefully, or keep ’em out!

Internet Public Library – encyclopedia of basic plots

Get Into It – Help dealing with writer’s block

The Story Starter – random idea generator for short stories, novels, scripts, plays, poems, or just for fun

LitDrift – a new blog, resource, and community dedicated to the art & craft of fiction in the 21st century