Effective Book Cover Design

If you’re not sure how to design an effective book cover, or just need a little inspiration, take a look at 30 Novels With Covers Designs So Good… How Could You Resist?, an article posted over at Flashlight Worthy Books.

As illustrated by the three examples shown below, some of the covers are quite simple, yet very provocative.  While you wouldn’t want to merely mimic any of the designs on display in the list, they provide excellent fodder for brainstorming your own, equally effective designs.

Everyone's Pretty by Lydia Millet

The Noodle Maker by Ma Jian & Flora DrewThe Last Jew by Yoram Kaniuk










Along those same lines, take a look at the cover designs for bestsellers in your book’s genre on Amazon.   Very often, you can discern a pattern of cover design style readers have come to expect for your type of book.

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