Podcasting For DumbDumbs

This article, written by Corey Dietz, originally appeared on About.com

Let me first assure you I don’t think you’re a "DumbDumb". If you’re like me, you just want to get things done with the least amount of resistance. You want to get it done quickly, easily and done well.

Not long ago I wrote an article on how to put together a podcast. Although not terribly complicated and very straightforward, since it’s publication several services have popped up which eliminate the need for potential podcasters to learn any of the “nuts and bolts” I wrote about. (Of course if you’re curious, by all means have a look.)

Nobody needs to learn any of that stuff now that there are “point and click” services which provide what might be compared to the WYSIWYG metaphor: What You See Is What You Get. For busy people or those with little time to learn even the slightest code or new procedures, these are the easiest ways to get a podcast going. That’s why I want you to know who these services are in the event you want to create a podcast but are totally freaked out by terms like “RSS”, “file properties”, and anything that begins with “http://”


Gcast from GarageBand.com is an easy to follow setup allows the user to quickly setup a Podcast with title, description, graphic, keywords, and more.

With Gcast, you can upload a finished Podcast in the form of an .mp3 or better yet, you can record your Podcast right over your phone – toll free.

Additionally, if you’re looking for “Podcast safe” music to include in your program without the worry of copyright-infringement, GarageBand.com is integrated so you can choose from that service.

You can create music playlists for your shows from Gcast’s Playlist Manager.

It allows you to change things up any way you wish.

That’s it. It’s amazingly straightforward and anyone can create their own Podcast for any reason.


ClickCaster is a very simple and easy to use podcasting solution that gives anyone with an Internet connection, the ability to create, publish, listen and subscribe to an on-demand Podcast. The ClickCaster creation and management tools are available directly from the ClickCaster website.

End-users simply click, record and publish their podcast directly on the ClickCaster directory service.


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