Merry greet!

I’m Ashleen O’Gaea (say that oh-gee-uh, as in "Oh, gee, uh … I don’t know how to say that!") and I’ve joined Publetariat because I’m on the verge of self-publishing, sort of.

I’ve published a few non-fiction books about Wicca, through traditional houses, but breaking into fiction is hard, and I’m impatient.  I’ve got a few novels I’d like to see out there, and the one I’m experimenting with first is called The Green Boy.  It’s about a Wiccan priestess who "chances" to meet a young man who’s grown up believing that her mother killed his mother by hexcraft.

Besides being a writer, I volunteer as a (writing) prison minister; I’m a dog-and-cat mommy, a camper, an amateur photographer … and I wish I could draw.

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