The Publetariat Shop Is Now Open

See the new "Shop" link in the left-hand navigation bar?  That’s a link to the new Publetariat Cafepress shop, where your purchases accomplish two things: first, they enable you to be "out and proud" of your indie status, and second, they help us to cover the costs of hosting and running Publetariat.

Publetariat t-shirts as low as US$9.89!  Such a deal!In the shop you’ll find Flip Mino camcorders (both standard and HD models, perfect for shooting and uploading those book trailers!), a wide variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts (womens’ plus sizes, too!) , t-shirts for your dog, mugs, bags and stickers. 

You may have noticed our minimalist approach to advertising here on Publetariat; the ads you see are only provided as compensation to site content contributors – the site doesn’t earn any kind of commission or royalty on those click-throughs.  Cross-promotional link exchanges with sites like LibraryThing are in the works, but again, they will not provide any revenue to the site. 

All site management, administration and content contribution is being done on a strictly volunteer basis, and we try to use open-source software wherever possible.  Still, there are costs for hosting and domain registration and renewal, as well as for the offline software and computer equipment used to maintain and enhance the site.  Even so, since we know frugality is a key component of the indie artist’s way of life, our mark-up on every piece of merchandise in the shop is only 10%.  Proceeds from your purchases are much appreciated.