Record your book: 3 ways to speak your book instead of write it

There are a number of ways you can now have a book without writing it. Some people think best out loud, so talk your book and then edit afterwards. Here are some options:

1. Record it yourself. Buy an audio recording device that creates digital files (under $100) and talk into it. Create mp3 files. Put an ad on and get bids for someone to transcribe it for you. Then get an editor to craft it into a finished product. If possible, do the proofreading yourself and it’s done. I use a basic recorder for interviews which I get transcribed professionally and returned to me over the internet. It’s cheap and fast.

2. Record over the internet. Use a service like where you can do the recording direct over the internet. They then return a typed file for you to edit.

3. Speech to text software. Use software like Dragons Naturally Speaking where the software recognizes your voice and writes it on the screen for you. Edit from there. All of these will give you a written file that you then have to edit and shape into a book, but the bulk of writing is done in a different way. You can then get a freelance editor to help you shape the final product – try