Beware of Email Overload

With most of us suffering from email overload these days, it’s important to think carefully about the frequency and format of your broadcast emails.

Online marketing experts advise communicating with your list frequently, so people don’t forget you. On the other hand, sending too much email is the quickest way to motivate people to click the "unsubscribe" button. I’ve unsubscribed from a number of lists because I got two or three promotional emails a week from them.

Also consider the length of your ezine. I receive several ezines that contain a lot of great information, but they are so long that I usually skip over them in my in-box, thinking I just don’t have time to read them right now. Sometimes I get back to these ezines later, but often I end up deleting them unread. If you send a weekly ezine, it’s especially important to keep it short and easily digestible. In my own ezine, I always have more story ideas than I have space for, so I use that extra content on my blog.