BTB #263: Google Book Settlement: Good Riddance or Lost Opportunity?

This podcast and associated transcript originally appeared on the Copyright Clearance Center‘s Beyond the Bookcast site on 12/4/11 and are provided here in their entirety with that site’s permission.

In March, Judge Denny Chin rejected the proposed settlement between Google and book publishers and authors over Google’s book scanning and book search programs. At the recent “Copyright & Technology” conference, a panel of legal experts considered the unanswered questions that decision left behind.

Presenting their views were James Grimmelmann of New York Law School; Edward Rosenthal, whose firms represents the Authors Guild in their suit against the HathiTrust; attorney Mary Rasenberger, who from 2002-2008 served in the Copyright Office and the Office of Strategic Initiatives of the Library of Congress, and as director for the National Digital Preservation Program; and Frederic Haber, general counsel, Copyright Clearance Center. CCC’s Chris Kenneally moderated.