Corel Print Photo Shop Installation

An update on my Corel Print/Photo Shop computer software. In mid December, advertising came in an email about the software being on sale. I’ve wanted new software for a long time. The freebie I got in the 90’s with my first computer was lacking many of the latest additions this software has. I ordered right away, and the software came soon. To my consternation, the disk wouldn’t download automatically. I didn’t get the computer book for dummies I asked Santa to bring me so I was on my own.

After some dialogue with a help support person at Corel, she finally thought to ask me if I had a DVD player. The disk is dvd. I found the disk stated that on it, but who looks at the fine print on a software disk. No, my computer doesn’t have a dvd player, and I’m betting that a lot of other computers for home use are not set up with one, either. I debated sending the software back rather than have a player installed in my computer. Then I decided to buy an external dvd player online. I might only use it once, but my reasoning was the software was on sale and within my price range at the moment. By the time I added the price of the DVD player that brought the total up, but still only about half what the software usually costs. I really, really wanted that software, but now I own a DVD player I may never have a need for again.

I did ask the Corel support helper if I could return the software in exchange for the download version. Would it install? However, I pointed out that I have dial up and it takes hours and hours to download anything from online. The Helper didn’t reply which leads me to believe she expected me to have a problem.

The dvd player is plug and play. I plugged its Y posts into two holes in the portable USB station. The player wouldn’t work. After several days of struggling with why, I finally got the brain storm to plug the player in the back USB ports. Not a handy place on the back side of my computer under the desk. Now the DVD player is way to the back of the computer. However, I got down on my hands and knees with a flashlight and plugged the software in. Right away it installed. Why? I emailed my brother that knows about computers. Turns out the portable unit doesn’t have the power the USB ports on the back do. Seems I never stop learning about my computer.

To Corel’s credit, the company support help does try to talk you through a problem. Once I got the DVD player, my mind was on how to make it work. A week or so later, I got an email from Corel asking me if I was doing all right with the software. They had not heard back from me. I explained the situation, and that I was all set now.

As a tip for other consumers, I said I went back and looked at all the write up on the software and not once was the fact that the disk would be DVD mentioned. If I had known that I would have trouble installing the software I wouldn’t have bought it. I am not the only one with a computer that didn’t come with a dvd player. I suggested to save other consumers the headaches I had, Corel should put that information in the advertising.